Supercharge your data and statistics

Here at Loaded Dice we talk a lot about how to get and use data and speed up processes. We don’t often talk about why organisations gather data and the opportunities that might be missed when they do.

Some organisations gather and hold data in ‘silos’ meaning limited access to the wider organisation, restricting usefulness or focusing on just one aspect of what the data is saying. Thinking about data differently means you can get more out of a unique and hard-worked-for resource, as well as keeping you on the right side of regulations.

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Time to get your data in order

The European Union agreed a new set of data protection rules last year, and they come into force next. Four years in negotiation, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) harmonises data privacy across the EU and will impact organisations controlling or processing personal data.

Here’s a summary of the key changes:

• Increased Territorial Scope: The new rules apply to all organisations that process personal data of subjects residing in the EU, regardless of company location or where processing is undertaken.

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