Data gathering and reporting; make a molehill out of a mountain

In the ever-growing world of business intelligence, managing data in even the smallest of businesses is taking more time and is becoming more complex.

With the exponential increase in data and tools available, data managers should start the climb to structuring data sooner rather than later, in preparation for that inevitable moment that the boss comes knocking on your door asking for quicker reports or after seeing some whizzy AI platform.

Just keeping on top of data collection and aggregation can be a struggle when it’s a manual process, so it’s understandable that having the time to start getting organisational data into a single, structured place is a challenge. Let alone getting the business to change, or getting the time to start looking into ways in which data can be used to predict the future rather than report the past.

But, the longer we leave it, the higher the mountain.

So, here at Loaded Dice, our advice to change that mountain into a molehill is to keep the first steps really simple:

• Start small - choose data gathering and reporting software that suits your business and will enable you to quickly and simply get your data into a single, structured source.
• Quick wins – impress your users by improving key data reporting times and having reports available for them at your fingertips.
• Save time - reduce the amount of time you and your teams take to collect and aggregate data so it can be re-focussed to more improvements.

It’s where an effective data management tool really helps and can quickly show a benefit to your organisation, and there are plenty out there to get you started. However, if these off-the-shelf solutions look to be too complex, have limited support or have features you just don’t need, here at Loaded Dice, we take a hybrid approach to getting you started.

As the builders of our data management and reporting software, DataLab, we have created it to be able to flex to specific needs. The core system is built and ready to go, so our approach is to go through the functionality in detail, identify changes you need to save you weeks of effort and create a project plan to support you in implementing data management quickly and successfully into your business.

This means you get the experience and support you would expect from bespoke software development, a product with just the features you need and the flexibility to develop and expand as your business does.

And this way, it won’t seem such a big mountain to climb.

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About the Author

David is an experienced project manager and corporate communications specialist with UK, European and Worldwide experience across the public, private and membership association sectors. From developing strategic, creative solutions to preparing and managing crisis communications, he has proven success in improving and developing corporate communication and managing corporate reputations. David is responsible for the delivery of client projects and leads the Loaded Dice design and project management teams.